"You weren't like that"

The "you were not like that".

The phrase that became customary to say and that changed/marked my life, in this case for the better.

Definitely as we grow up, as we create experiences and memories we start to make decisions and act in a certain way, always looking for our own benefit, avoiding that in the future we are hurt again or avoiding that we live again situations that we do not want to live or feel, in fact, since childhood that is one of the reasons why we are forging a certain character, but our character never stops changing, we often want to become someone different, for the better.

First of all I want to tell you that no matter how you are acting right now, if you want to feel better, you have the opportunity to do it, if you want to give something more positive to others, you have the opportunity to do it, if you want to stop opening yourself so much to people and prevent them from entering your life and turning it upside down, you have the opportunity to do it too. The only thing I want you to realize is that you are not to blame for having forged a certain character according to your lived experiences and that it is okay that you have not realized that, there will always be a point at which we collide and that someone or something comes along to help us open our eyes and make us change our perspective on things instantly, if you are here, maybe it is another sign that the universe is giving you, one or another of many that you have asked for.

Now, let's talk about how much what we are doing affects us and how much it affects others; it is important for me to always mention to you that you come first, how you feel and how good you feel, that what you do must be first by you and for you, and that from there we can include in our decisions, dreams and desires those we love the most, continuing with the theme, it is necessary to admit that we can exaggerate in the way we act to make us look strong or to avoid pain, we go through life so much in our way of acting to make us look strong or to avoid pain, We go through life so blinded always believing that everything we do is right, justifying ourselves in the same thing and without noticing that we are becoming a problem and without even seeing who the real problem is.

By avoiding that others are affected by what we do, we end up affecting them and at the end of the day we end up even more affected ourselves, something that eventually will make us "explode" in some way and the only thing we can do at that moment is to know how to handle the situation, we must review ourselves and become aware of that.

The process of change is not seen overnight, it is a process that you must live like any other, live it day by day and keep the intention, the intention of change counts and is worth, do not let the people around you for wanting you to have a change NOW determine whether you have really improved or not, be patient and positively evaluate our daily changes is the biggest prize.

Do not feel bad about going backwards, concentrate on moving forward, you have been having certain beliefs or ways of acting for a long time that can NOT be changed easily or quickly, I repeat, it is a process, like everything in life, that if you really want to achieve, you must work on it daily.

The lack of mental health triggers a lot of things in many circumstances that we do not even believe that affect or that we do not relate in our daily life, but yes, isolate, take refuge, avoid, are personalities that we acquire by wanting to be quiet without noticing that perhaps we have taken away from others that we gave so much, friendship, relationship, love; It is ok, because we should not be selfish with ourselves, but we are clear that we love others so much that we do not want to hurt them either, the person or the occasion will come that will open your eyes and you will look at what you are really doing well and what you have been failing, you will look at what you want to be again, to have and you will look at what has really brought you benefits, taking out of your life what you do not want to keep your peace of mind.

Ask for help, if you want to write to me, you can do it, or whoever, but do it, ask for help if you think you need it, without fear or fear of being judged, if it crosses your mind to seek help, it is because you need it and not necessarily because you are bad, you just need someone to talk to, someone to accompany you in the process, to encourage you, to tell you something different, to see you with different eyes and other thoughts.

Always grateful that you are here.

Grateful that you are still in this world.

I love you

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