Weekly journal 8

Remember and try to make one stitch per day, so that you make it complete day by day all week long until the week is complete.

What kind of friendship do you offer?

Are you giving the best of yourself, showing who you are and what you want to receive from them as well? I know of beautiful friendships, but I also know of friendships that although they feel affection for each other are in constant struggle for how they are characterized and how the other is characterized, good relationships require communication, express their feelings and turn their friendships into a mutual and bearable affection.

What are your red flags

Now that there is so much discussion about these things, what are your red flags for you? Let's see, I think we all have actions that we should not defend just because "we are like that" although it is true, it is the character we have forged but if we are aware that sometimes there are actions that do nothing more than disrespect and imply lack of empathy, for example the point is not only that, it is also to focus on those things that you are aware that you should change, more than for others, for yourselves.

What are your green flags

Now be aware and value those actions that make you a better person.

What you do for others.

This question is closely related to the first day question, what things do you do that make you feel nice and happy for doing it and not just for self-interest.

What things do others do for you

Now remembering the efforts others make for you and the love they have for you, find a day this week to do something for them and show them your love and how grateful you are that they are part of your life.

What is your favorite meal?

Today is cheat meal day, enjoy the food and dare to eat whatever you want without remorse please!

What makes you feel free?

Remind yourself why you are free to make the decisions you make and do what you love to do, because you are a totally free soul entitled to everything that makes you happy.

Thank you for being here

I love you

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