Weekly journal 7

Remember and try to make one stitch per day, so that you make it complete day by day all week long until the week is complete.

What memory does not leave you calm and you have not been able to let go?

We all have gone through situations that we keep in our mind and we still find it difficult to talk about it or think about it without feeling hurt, the idea today is that you finish healing, keep this memory in mind again, in a moment where you are with you only, without interruptions, finish healing what is necessary, ask yourself questions and answer them, find the answers of what happened, and after that, try to find the positive points of it, what was it. What did it teach you, how has it changed you, how has it changed you, for better or for worse? Dig into your heart and learn from what happened, get the best out of yourself and go on.

How many opportunities did you give them and why?

Do you believe or did you believe that they are worthy of all the chances you gave and all the times you forgave? You did not make the mistake of doing, do not blame yourself, on the contrary, it shows that you have a giant heart, a heart that continues to see beautiful things in the chaos or disaster, that you hope and you are a beautiful soul, I hope that has not changed much Enti, if so, it does not matter, such situations are those that do not help build our character, you are amazing for continuing to believe in second chances, do not underestimate the power and beauty of your soul.

Which person would you protect as many times as necessary?

Which people or which pet, better not? Well, enjoy those beings you love so much and remind them daily of the love you feel for them.

Do you need an apology to feel peace of mind?

If you need to apologize to someone for things that you still feel guilty for whatever the reason this is your sign to do it, write to that someone or talk to them, if that person is not near you then write a letter and burn it, ask the universe or whatever you believe in to help you relieve that burden, and first of all apologize to yourself.

Do you receive the same love you give?

You deserve it, you deserve to receive that and much more, you must have someone by your side that makes you feel special and deserving, if not, I hope that person will be coming, at the right time will be by your side, while that, Love you like nothing else, so comes the right person to Mars in a unique way, and remember that everything about love should be received from a partner, there is also the family, friends, pets and more.

What would you like to hear?

What would you like to be told right now, that you got into college or that you are going on a trip somewhere? dream it, imagine it and draw it into your life so that it becomes a reality.

What series or movie distracts you?

It's time to repeat it, immerse yourself in that world and rest, it's your day off, get out of the routine, give yourself a space again and do a marathon!

Which book makes you feel better?

Recommend it to someone that you think could have the same effect that book had on you, try to tell them how much that book has helped you and why you think they could use it, and you keep that book and read it every time you need it.

Thank you for being here

I love you

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