Weekly journal 4

Remember and try to make one stitch per day, so that you make it complete day by day all week long until the week is complete.

What do you admire about people that is not relevant to them?

Rather than thinking about it, try telling them, make someone else's day and you will see that it will make yours.

How or what you define your happiness.

What things constantly bring you happiness, distract you, change your mood and attitude? Remember that a day is also defined by your attitude and how you take everything, be inspired by that something that leads you to constant happiness and do not turn away from it.

What would you say to a person who hurt you so much?

Unburden yourself and forgive, give yourself the opportunity to forgive and let go of things that have become a burden, believe me when I tell you that the peace and tranquility after forgiving no matter how much damage has been done is incomparable, free yourself from negative feelings that do not help you move forward.

Talk about the forgiveness you gave to someone who did not apologize.

Like the previous one, identify what things you would have liked to talk about with that person that you don't even know the time to ask for forgiveness and get them out of your life, forgive and be free, you will thank yourself in the future, and what do we know about that person? maybe they will not forgive themselves later for doing what they did, but we hope not because by forgiving, we don't wish them harm either.

What is your love language?

What things do you like to live together with us? What do they do for you or what would you like to do for others to make them happy? Yes it is good to focus on ourselves and I have mentioned it many times but giving happiness to others is also a guaranteed happiness for us and it does feel good.

Who are the people who are with you the most?

Thank them for being by your side and keep enjoying much more time together with them, make some space to listen to them and be listened too, to enjoy each other and get out of the monotony for a while.

Do you think you will find your soul mate?

First of all we must emphasize that soul mates are not only found in couples, they are also found in siblings, cousins, friends or others around us, so, if you found it or are still waiting for the universe to reward you with someone who corresponds to you? :)

Thank you for being here

I love you

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