Weekly journal 3

Remember and try to make one stitch per day, so that you make it complete day by day all week long until the week is complete.

Have you found a way to save yourself?

Have you ever looked for a way to continue maintaining the emotional/mental stability you have achieved so far? situations will always occur that are intended to set back our progress and that is where we must identify what saves us from doing so, what helps us to continue as well or even to continue to improve.

Write a letter for yourself in a few years

How nice it would be to see in a few years how much we have changed and how many things we have achieved, make a letter so that you notice that the effort you have made and will continue to make has given a deserving result, make that letter with the reason that if or if you are capable of achieving great things and want to demonstrate your process in a few more years, you can start with making a letter for the next year with small things and as time goes by make your letters longer term with bigger and bigger goals so that you do not doubt what you are really capable of.

What is the one thing that strikes you most about another person?

What do you consider a nice act that others do for you or for other people, would you like to do those same things for you or for others? Be thankful for those details and make an equally nice detail to other people; and of course, the details do not only come in packages nor are they only material.

If your life were a movie, what would it be?

Immerse your mind a little bit in the drama and entertain yourself for a while with the movies, enjoy yourselves.

What is wasting your energy?

Totally forbid things that do nothing but wear you out and barely make you make it to the end of the day, on the contrary, always look for things that help you generate more energy.

Write a letter to someone you love in the future.

Now, take care of making a letter for someone else, give it to them and tell them how soon they can read it, it doesn't always have to be 10 years down the road or something like that, you can make it months away or let them read it before the new year.

What is your worst habit?

To start the year, what habit do you propose to change or totally remove from your life?

Clearly it is not something that you are going to achieve overnight as I have mentioned on several occasions, it requires effort, perseverance and even courage to accept that you must leave aside.

Thank you for being here

I love you

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