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Top 5 of my favorite makeup looks for the end of the year and its festivities.

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I have to admit that I have always been a fan of makeup but from a distance, I admire those people who have the talent to do it or those who took a lot of their time to learn this skill and talent. Now to the point, I'm going to show you my top 5 favorite makeup looks that are still trending for the end of the year festivities, especially for those of us who are not very expert in this makeup thing and you can still take it into account if you already know how to do your makeup.

"Be original and highlight your style"

Before starting with the Top5 I wanted to leave you a makeup course in case you want to learn much more or if you want to improve what you already know, dare to improve, to learn, for you and for you.


Of all, I consider it to be the most Basic but the truth is my second favorite, I'm a big fan of natural makeup especially because I don't usually wear a lot of makeup, I love the way the highlighter basically is the makeup and allows the skin to radiate much more, oh and don't forget, I'm also a fan right now of this trend of wearing the eyebrows natural and a little upwards, those two things are on Point in this make up, without much effort and the face not too loaded in case we are in a rush.


To be honest, although this is #4 I consider it one of the best in every way, because in fact it is not only an exclusive end of the year makeup, what I like the most is that it is very easy to do and in fact you only need a couple of shadows that are usually very common or zero complex to find in a palette, I think the eyelashes and highlighter give it the perfect touch to highlight the eye so keep it in mind if you don't want something very exaggerated and complex.


What I love the most about this make up is the touch that the eyebrows give, I feel that it tends to draw more attention to this part of the eyes and that makes it look amazing. Very similar to the previous one to tell the truth but it tends to be a little more elaborate, however it is not so loaded but it can be for people who know more about makeup, in my case I would try it but if I have the space to practice it before the special day.


I definitely love this one, the glitter is everything and gives it a much more Christmasy feel, it is very top for occasions of elegance and simplicity, plus the cat line also becomes a hit in this makeup.


This without a doubt is my first favorite of all, I love the black smoky make up, when I want to go out very presentable is the makeup I always choose to do, the most amazing thing is the red of the lips, together they will give a lot of elegance to your outfit, but if you want you can change the lip tone to nude, it will be just as elegant but a little softer.

I should clarify that the top 5 is not based on the most beautiful to the most beautiful, in fact I think they are all wow, but the order is based on their level of "charge" and ease/difficulty to do.

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