Santa SOUL

If you don't know what to give this Christmas, I make you a gift list for Christmas.

The list is very general, if you are looking for gifts for your partner, mom/dad, sibling, or whoever, adapt them according to each person.

Jewelry like rings or necklaces are a must in these days where an outfit stands out more for our accessories than for what we wear.

The usual hoodies, look for cute options, single tone or more chic according to her closet, you can make an analysis of the colors that she likes or would like to use, ultimately, a tone that can go according to the shades of clothes that she wears constantly.

Make up and skin care products are never superfluous, buy care products, otherwise, technological products such as a wireless charger.

Choose to give material gifts not only for pleasure, but also for experiences, allow people to experience something different, give a candle kit or a relaxation kit for meditation.

Purses or bags will never cease to be part of the good gifts, it never hurts to have one too many and serves for any occasion.

I think that for these times the state of mental health has been more difficult to manage, if you want to implement a book to your gift that provokes distraction (novel, romance) or that talk about the subject as such you can look for one.

As I mentioned before, let's give things that somehow allow us to have experiences, this smore's maker looks amazing to me.

Life is better in pajamas, so don't forget to guarantee comfort, if you give one just like the sample in the photo, even better, cute and soft, plus it can be used as a going out garment if you want and who would know? Two gifts in one.

If you want to be more detailed and show the attention you have for the person, ask for a picture with a favorite song or that brings a nice memory.

Finally, you can look for a set of cups or glasses; keep looking for sophisticated objects, look for minimal things of the other person that you find as a hobby or a taste, however small it may be, great gifts are not based on their size, they are based on the intention, attention and affection, so we provide a token of love.

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