Ease your mind

  • Write, draw or find someone you feel comfortable talking to about how you feel at the moment, if it is easy for you to talk about how you feel and you have a lot of things on your side that becomes the privilege to seek help without much difficulty, if not, remember that there are programs people you can go to whenever you feel the need in case you do not feel comfortable doing it with someone close to you, but do not forget that there will always be a person in our lives who will not judge us, it is not always relatives or friends, listen to what your body and your mind is asking for, sometimes they speak more for you.

  • When you feel that you have unloaded all that energy that you had accumulated and that is becoming a letter, decide what to do with it, do you want to continue carrying it as a burden, are you going to learn from it to correct, improve or not allow it to happen again, what are you going to do with it?

  • Take your time to come back to reality, relax, rest, breathe, whatever you have to do to assume it and discard it automatically if that is what you want, you can allow yourself to take the rest of the day if possible, if not, go on with the rest of your day as if it was just the beginning of the day and find a way to relax at the end of it.

  • Slow down and take some time alone for yourself, to finish deciding what you want to do and maybe plan how you are going to finish taking on things that will come to your benefit and make you feel much better.

Thank you for being here

I love you.

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