¿Do I demand too much of myself?

I am aware that many times wanting to fulfill every responsibility and fulfill it with perfection without failing in the attempt can cause us stress anxiety, sometimes we even seek to perfect things that we should not even be responsible for or that are not our responsibility and that we seek perfection is not only from our character but also from our upbringing or situations we have had to go through, sometimes we are put on a pedestal for achievements that we have obtained and for wanting to stay there we make these mistakes, humiliations, our upbringing surrounded by perfectionist people who want to see us at their margin or even a higher one, the fear of failing them, losing or making mistakes are the biggest reasons why we get used to demand and do not forgive to slow down or rest.

Whenever you want to dedicate yourself to fulfill a dream or work on something questioned if it is really what you want, see if you see yourself in the future doing it, enjoying it, living or if you are doing it only by social pressure, remember that you are the owner of your life and what you do should be mostly by and for you.

What you can do is...

  • Listen to yourself, talk to yourself

  • Define your dreams or goals

  • Don't compare your process

  • Value and enjoy your steps

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Dedicate time to your hobbies

You can start by applying these points, do it calmly, take your time, discipline and changes do not give results overnight and to get to have them is a process that if or if you must live with effort, you can demand when you find it necessary but try not to exaggerate do not allow yourself to have emotional wear or stress because of that, remember remember that your peace of mind and health, especially mental health come first.

Thank you for being here

I love you

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