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Due to all this situation that we have been living worldwide, I think we forgot how amazing it is to dress super chic, elegant and simple for any outing, so I'm going to show you a series of amazing outfits for you to keep in mind, you can save it for Christmas (since the season is coming) or any other occasion; I also have to admit that even though we've missed dressing super chic these last months I also agree that learning to be comfortable has been something unheard of; I'm going to show you these super outfits but don't forget to stay tuned to many more that I will be uploading, from the most comfortable to the most elegant always looking to bring out that beauty that we carry with us, without further ado let's continue to the outfits of the week.

These first two outfits are categorized together as they have more accessories; do not be discouraged if you do not have identical garments, do not be ruled by the images, you can use it as a basis in the combination of colors or similar garments.

I love the glamour that black can give to an outfit, they are both comfortable and they carry less accessories, remember that you can always change things in your outfits, starting with the higheels, make the change for sneakers if you want.

Clearly I had to make an extra outfit in case someone who is reading and identifies with male gender can do it, it's very uncomplicated and plain, but it's worth it.

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