Birthday breakfast

Recipes ideas to surprise your love ones on their birthday.

What's better than a bday breakfast to start the big day?

Well, I am not an expert in the kitchen, but I love to make new things and follow recipes, I am going to show you some recipes that are incredibly delicious, that you can take into account for any day or for a special occasion, I must also tell you that I do not really have a list of exact portions, in fact I do not usually portion things, I do it to my measure and taste, what I consider to be good and clearly, I am testing how well each food is going to be.


To start in order, from left to right and talking about the first 3 images, the dish is very simple and with ingredients that you can have at home or get easily, to make the tortilla:

  • Chicken, bacon, cilantro, sweet corn and salsa to your liking; sauté the ingredients together or separately, season to your liking and sauté the tortilla as well or you can just toast it to make it somewhat crispy, separately sauté pieces of yucca or chips.


It is very similar to the previous one, in fact you can use the same ingredients, I only used:

  • Chicken cooked in acute that I shredded, corn and mature I wrapped it in the tortilla, put cheese on top and more corn with chopped tomato.


For this third dish, (image taken from the internet) it requires only 3 "mandatory" ingredients but you can use more or vary:

  • Very simple, put to toast a slice of bread, sauté normal tomato or cherry tomatoes and season to your taste, when you put it on the slices of bread, gratin cheese and put it on top, you can vary it with avocado, or pesto, at best and if you like all three you can put them all, put a little olive oil and pepper at the end and that's it.


Well the process of this recipe requires much more time, since you have to fry it at least twice the same:

  • So that you understand, as ingredients cenesitam, plantain, cooked chicken(for shredding/shredding),meat, cheese. The first point is to fry the plantain in slices, and after frying make baskets with each slice as shown in the image, they sell a tool to do it but as we are repulsive, try to do it with the squeezer of lemons (put aluminum foil inside the squeezer and on top if you crush the sliced plantain), when the process returns to fry a few more minutes and that's it! According to the chicken, meat, lentil meat, whatever you want to use, you can make a stew and include it, as you like and at the end, melt a lot of cheese and put it on the surface, I assure you that it is one of the best.


The rolls (image taken from the internet) are really the least complicated to make:

  • Put them to heat in a frying pan or if you have an air fryer at home put it to heat a few minutes there, melt cheese and put it to fry bacon or ham, cut in half the bread roll introduce both and ready!

Remember that you should not only follow what I tell you, nothing of what I tell you should be like that, I just want to talk about something different, something you can do for you, so if you don't have ideas you can take them from here, take it as a base, and if you want more of these you can tell me!

Thank you for being here

I love you

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